La Gomera – Tenerife

La Gomera – Tenerife

Carp fishing in La Gomera is Virtually unheard of and is a un spoilt treasure located on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean just a short 40 minutes ferry off the popular holiday destination of Tenerife. with the Likes of Danny Fairbrass from Korda, Kevin Nash and Alan Blair from Nash Tackle visiting this wild venue you can rest assured they was all in search of these cracking Jurassic looking carp the lake is set 2000 meters above sea level, high up in the mountains.

This destination is for the true carp globe trotter who likes to fish wild and doesn’t need all your home comforts. The strain of these carp are truly something of the past and are absolute crackers as you can see from the photos it’s not the easiest of venues under the Carpers Paradise brand but without a shadow of doubt it holds the most prettiest not just within the company, but in the world these fish are truly phenomenal the average size of carp is 40lb+ and so far the biggest Mirror to grace the bank is Ian’s fish at a topping 64lb this is certainly a venue of a life time and one to tick of the bucket list. To get to La Gomera you need to get a flight to Tenerife South airport and from there we will have you picked up and dropped to the ferry port, where you will board as a foot passenger and a member of staff will greet you as you arrive in La Gomera and take you to your destination. The water level does go up and down depending on rain etc this is something we have no control over and won’t be held responsible for.

The Residents

Very few waters in Europe can offer pure wild scaly carp but Carpers paradise La Gomera has some of the most unusual looking carp in the world and the stocks are truly phenomenal. Every bite is normally a 40lb plus La Gomera wild carp. The largest fish that has graced the bank so far is Ians Fish at 64lb. Due to the nature of the water and its history nobody knows the official stocks which makes it that little bit more exciting when you get a bite, as you could potentially be hooked into a new Island uncaught record and a not just any fish for the photo album, a fish of a lifetime with pure character.

Safety and Security

The emphasis of the Carpers paradise Brand has been on the safety and security of all, especially customers and we guarantee your safety is our up most in the event of an accident please contact a member of a staff on the number provided and a member of staff will assist immediately.

Lakes Features

Lake Gomera is roughly 15 acres in size and relatively deep with depths from 2 to 60ft in areas, with the average depth being approximately 12-18ft. It has wild style natural swims, all of them are large enough to double up with friends if you require. There are plenty of large silty areas and the odd weedy patch that can be located with the use of the boats provided and plenty of overhanging trees/snags that can be visually seen on the far bank as the carp love to patrol these areas.

Prices and Packages

7 Nights Fishing Package Fly & survive £500 per person (max 5 anglers)

14 Nights Fishing Package Fly & survive £1000 per person (max 5 anglers)

Book now with 20% deposit to secure your holiday

General rules

  1. Customers  must bring Carp Care Products
  2. No Fires
  3. No litter to be left at all litter must be placed in Bin Bags Provided including (FAG BUTS )
  4. No unaccompanied juniors (under 16)
  5. No Screaming And Shouting or loud behaviour
  6. Any Equipment Broken or Damaged whilst in use of the Customer will be Chargeable
  7. No fixed-lead rigs may be used.
  8. No unattended rods.
  9. Barbed hooks only
  10. Minimum 12lb line
  11. All fish caught must be returned to the water as soon as possible.
  12. customers are advised to bring there own reels and its beneficial to spool them up with braid

La Gomera – Tenerife


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